Tom Birdseye's


Airmail to the Moon Show Poster


Who stole Ora Mae's Tooth? Ora Mae Cotton, a tomboy country bumpkin, has lost her tooth.  Did the Tooth Fairy have it?  Ora  just knows somebody stole it! As she puts it, "Somebody so crooked they screw their socks on every morning to put them on. And when I catch them, I'm going to open up a can of gothcha and send 'em airmail to the moon!"

Franklin Haynes Marionettes presents Airmail to the Moon, a book by Tom Birdseye and arrangements made with Holiday House Publishing, Inc. Brought into 3-D marionette puppet format, Airmail to the Moon is child centered and perfect for library summer reading programs and K-6 school assemblies. The show is geared for all ages! All children identify with the loss of a tooth, and will be instantly drawn into Ora Mae's comical search for her tooth.

It is important to note that Franklin Haynes Marionettes is different than all other entertainment available for libraries or school assemblies, Why? Franklin Haynes has gained a valuable five year teaching experience as a first grade public elementary school teacher. He knows what a good show requires. Shows must not only be of the highest quality, but must function as a springboard for learning opportunities!  This show is therefore followed up by practical grade level appropriate thematic units. The units contain writing, math, and science activities for librarians/teachers to share with the children.  Also, schools and libraries will receive an autographed  book of Tom Birdseyes' book, "Airmail to the Moon" as a gift!

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