"You're Not Big Enough!" Franklin Haynes Marionettes presents an adorable marionette puppet variety production for very young children. An outstanding entertainment choice for baby's first birthday,  Baby Boop's Big Show  hosts a list of colorful characters that will truly delight girls and boys. 

Baby Boop's Big Show features its most popular and most talk about character-Baby Boop! She is a cute little girl who makes her singing debut in her high chair singing "London Bridges."



Everyone's favorite super hero Fat Man,  makes a crash landing into the show and wiggles his belly.   Baby Boop's Big Show also features a number of whimsical puppets engaging in all sorts of antics. There is Lola Honeypot, a soft Teddy bear in a sundress and sunbonnet demonstrating her talents on her unicycle.  Then there is everyone's favorite little boy from the nursery rhyme named Georgie Porgie. Mr. Jingles demonstrates his juggling talents.  Soft and fury Strawberry roller skates.  Baby Boop's mama, Betty Boop, sings a big number, after her baby sings a night night song before she takes her nap.

Baby Boop's Photo Gallery