Harvey Levin  and TMZ!

Hosted Us at the Ronald McDonald House

Vanessa Williams Party

Our Stages

Bright, Colorful, and Impress!
They Will Compliment The Colors of Your Event

Marionette Magic

Princess and Pirates

Baby Boop's Big Show

Christmas Stage

4th Of July

Cinco de Mayo 

Springtime Parade

Frankie's Toy Box 


Puppets At Night

 Some Puppet Pictures

Birthday Party

We Make Our Own Puppets

Bob Baker, Jim Gamble, Pat Wilson at Installation Dinner OCPG

The Bowers Museum

Cerritos Public Library

Coo Coo Juggler

We Make Custom Puppets

Pala Casino Performance

Custom Pinatas of Our Characters

Ghosties Peeking Out

Trick Or Treat With Calvin

Little Bobby Hobby Horse

MC Hampster

Look at that guy!

It's a performing art!

Pre-Schoolers love the Shows!

Puppets Come Out Into Audience

Rococo Room Pasadena

Snow Bird

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

Springtime Puppet Parade

Feliz Navidad!

Just Call Smarmy!

Look at the faces!

Pershing Square Los Angeles

Giordano Ferrari and Bargnocla

See Story

Mall Kid's Club

Our Colorful Puppet Van

School Assembly Red Ribbon Week

With Lou Ferrigno

FatMan Getting Smiles

Cake With Our Characters

OC Symphony Gala

Performing For Bob Baker was an honor!

Dia de los libros

Los Angeles

Bunny Snuggles

Autry Museum of the American West