A Wonderful Multicultural Bilingual Show

Las Marionettas Show Poster

Hola Amigos! Do you want a fun way to be exposed to the warm culture of the Latino community, and learn a new language

Living in California, it is a must to be aware of the cultural and linguistic differences of the Hispanic community

"Las marionetas en desfile" (Marionettes on Parade) is a show that teaches about some of the traditions of Latin America while teaching common Spanish words that important to know!

Set to lively and passionate Mariachi and South American music, "Las marionetas en defile," is a multicultural show where the audience will hear about Cinco de Mayo, Día de la patria (September 16th- Independence Day), Día de los muertos, and other Latin traditions while learning Spanish!

The show is perfect for multicultural family events such as Día de los Niños, Cinco de mayo celbrations, Día de los libros, etc.

    Spanish Words Taught to the Audience
Gracias (Thank You), de nada (You're Welcome), por favor (Please), hola (Hello), adios (good-bye), grande (big), chiquita (small), feliz (happy)triste (sad), hasta luego (see you later), payaso (clown), and many other common expressions.



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