Frosty's Magic Hat Show Poster

What happened to Frosty's Magic Hat?  What to do? What to Do?  Frieda, The Good Christmas Fairy has been packed off to sunny Florida by her old bully sister, Smarmy, The Bad Christmas Fairy! There will be no more snow, no fun and no more Christmas if Smarmy has anything to do with it!

Franklin Haynes Marionettes presents FROSTY'S MAGIC HAT (Click On Picture To Enlarge) for the Christmas season. In this half hour production, there are dancing Snowflakes, ice skating Snowbirds, and Christmas Elves that juggle and trapeze high into the cold Christmas air.


Frosty the Snowman highlights the show until Smarmy takes his magic hat for her own.It is up to Ora Mae and her special Christmas friends to find it. Just as happy endings are part of Christmas, the magical appearance of The Good Christmas Fairy helps Ora and her friends, by returning Frosty's magic hat and all the fun of back for Christmas!  "The Gift of Giving" is the theme of this warm winter production.


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