Franklin Haynes Marionettes presents a warm and family friendly marionette puppet variety show -- Frankie's Toy Box (Click on Photo To Enlarge). An outstanding entertainment choice for both for boys and girls,

Frankie's Toy Box is  Performed By James Conci- (Click Here!)  and hosts a list of colorful characters and toys that will delight the young, and bring parents back to their nostalgic playful youth. 

Frankie's Toy Box stars Frankie. He is a little boy who doesn't want to share his favorite toys, and goes around sticking out his tongue out at the audience! The stage is set for teaching children important lessons about sharing and being kind to others. The show is packed with toys and lots of  fun! There is a colorful playful Tinker Toy that comes alive and makes fun and interesting shapes. Frankie's neighbor Lashaundra shares her hoola-hoop, and gets everyone in the audience to stand up and hoola hoop together. Frankie shares his roller skates with Strawberry. Then there is Frankie's favorite super hero--Fat Man! Frankie shares his balloons with Bubbles the Clown who actually blows up the balloon to the children's delight.

The show engages the audience with teveryone's favorite rubber ducky bathtub toy  La Patita Loca.


Frankie's Toy Box Photo Gallery