Franklin Haynes Marionettes presents a funny friendly Halloween variety puppet show to delight all ages. The show is not scary. It is very very funny-- thus the name! Hilarious Halloween Haunt is a production that will make your Halloween event a great success guaranteedThis show is one of our favorite productions. (Click on  photo to enlarge).

The show features a host of many  goofy goolies. Children will gasp as Punky pulls off his pumpkin head and juggles it with his hands, then on his feet! Calvin is dressed up like a ghost, but who is afraid of who? Boney Jones, with his top hat and cane, literally dances his bones right off!  Fat Man (one of our most popular characters) wiggles his belly.  Smarmy, the comical wicked witch, ends the show with a bang and a flash puff of smoke from her black cauldron as she sings her last note riding on her magic broom. 

Note:  Show Contains a one time special  smoke effect like that found in common 4th of July Fireworks.  Please advise if you do not want this poof smoke effect.  Be forewarned!  Children May Laugh To Death!



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