Puppets On Parade Show Poster
Franklin Haynes Marionettes is proud to present his first and original half hour marionette puppet variety show.  Performed by T.C. (Click Here), Puppets On Parade (Click on Photo to Enlarge) hosts a list of colorful characters that will delight all ages. Since Puppets On Parade is a variety show, it can be modified in just about every way and made to fit your event theme. 

Perfect for children's birthday parties and stage events, Puppets On Parade features a number of whimsical puppets engaging in all sorts of antics. La Patita Loca, everyone's favorite party duck with fruit on her head, kicks off the show and sings a special song.   Reggie shows off his talents on his skate board wearing his elbow pads and knee pads.  Pinocchio  makes a special appearance. Little Bobby, with his red cowboy hat and boots, takes the kids on a wild do it yourself pony ride. There are Foodini the famous Chinese  magicians that does magic with his magic Chinese pot, and Bo Bo the Clown on the flying trapeze!  MC Hamster highlights the show with his fire safety rap song, "You Can't Touch This," singing into his wooden match microphone.

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