SANTA'S NEW SLEIGH (Click on Photo to Enlarge) , a half hour presentation, features a number of elf and animal marionettes performing special tricks such as juggling ornaments, and flying on the high trapeze into the cold Christmas air. The special appearance of Teddy Bear who settles down for his winters' nap will make the kids giggle. Little Bobby rides his bucking bronco broomstick pony that he gets for Christmas with his red cowboy boots and hat.

But let's not forget about Santa Claus, and his brand new sleigh complete with brightly lighted head lights and tail lights. That's right! Santa got rid of his reindeer, and traded in his old sleigh for a brand new model. And of course you know where he bought it. Off the internet--Yuck! Is this the end of the good old fashioned Christmas? A surprise ending is in store for all.


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